One of our main goals at Kiiboo is to make selling as easy as possible. We know that you have other options out there – we want to make sure ours stand out as one of the most convenient. This is why we have studied our competition and did extensive research on packing materials. We feel that our solution is one of the best out there and we hope that you think so too. After all, making it easy for you makes us look good.



Provide us with your item details and we will send you a box to ship your items back to us. You can choose between using your own box or having us provide you with one.


We inspect it, prepare it, and sell it for you. There is complete transparency throughout the entire process.


We send you a check once your item is sold!
18% Consignment Fee, No upfront cost, Free shipping kit or label, Shipping fees are deducted AFTER your item sells

Does your item qualify?

Before you send us your item, be sure to check to see if your item meets our requirements!


1. Items must have a minimum market value of $20. This is in order to ensure our customers will be able to make a profit.

2. We do not accept accessories, adapters, or cables without the original device. (E.g. Earphones, Chargers, AC adapters, etc.)

3. Items that are large or heavy will not be accepted. The shipping cost of these items will also outweigh the customer's profits. (E.g. Monitors, Game Consoles, Printers, etc.)

4. We do not accept fashion goods or accessories due to authenticity reasons. We aim to provide both our sellers and buyers with a 100% secure and trustworthy transaction.


If your item meets all the requirements you can now send your item to us!

Option 1: We send you a label and you ship it in your own box

Option 2: Some categories are eligible for a free shipping box on us!

As always, shipping is paid for by us so you don't have to worry. Simply print, label, and send!

Once it comes to us we will take care of the rest!


We are also one of the safest and private methods of sale.

As we love to say, you don't have to go out and meet Craig from a list. Instead, you can simply send your products to us and have us do the legwork. You also don’t have to share your personal information with the buyer. There is no direct communication between the seller and the buyer at all.

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