Why Purchase through Kiiboo?

Kiiboo offers one of the largest discounts online. You can find some of the latest electronics for up to 70% off! We inspect and photograph each item with detail. You'll always know what you are purchasing so you can buy with confidence!

What is "Going, Gone"?


We place items on the market at a set starting price.

We sell an iPhone 6 (64GB) for $600


Prices drop as time passes


Buy the product at the price you like.

Don't wait too long! Another buyer can purchase the item before you!


We believe that this new, unique marketplace can allow the buyer to purchase an item when THEY think it is worth it. Rather than waiting for an auction to close and bid maddeningly minutes before the auction is over, this approach allows the buyer to purchase an item if it reaches their desired budget. By seeing purchase trends, the informed buyer will be able to pick up their desired item at a great price.

We strongly believe that making the buyer happy will allow for repeat purchases. The seller is also happy because they get more profit than from other sites that do the legwork. When both the buyer and seller are happy, we are happy and the charities we work with are happy. Here's to a happier world

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