The selection process for Kiiboo in choosing a charity is a long and well researched one. We take into account the percentage of donations that actually goes to those in need and the administrative costs. We look at previous patterns of giving and the reputation of the charity over the years. Finally, we tend to lean towards charities that prioritize on feeding the hungry. As giving is one of the main focuses of our mission, we do not take this selection lightly. As such, the first charities that Kiiboo is going to donate to is American Red Cross, the U.S. fund for Unicef and WorldVision.

According to BBB Wise Giving Alliance, the charities selected meet the 20 standards for Charity Accountability. The transparency in their funding is also a very key factor in this decision.


Below are a few links regarding the charities from BBB Wise Giving Alliance

Kiiboo will also work with other partner charities in the future as well as establish its own charity organization. If you feel that you have a great charity to recommend, please e-mail us at charity@kiiboo.com. Please remember that Kiiboo prioritizes charities that cater to fighting hunger and thirst.

- The Kiiboo Staff