Sell for Change. Kiiboo for Change.

Who are we exactly? And why do we do what we do?

We are just like you. We were a group of friends who worked together in different companies and got together on occasion to socialize. During our talks, we realized that we all shared a couple of common goals in life. Obviously, making money was in the forefront of many of our discussions. However, we also noticed that all of us had a genuine care for the world and a heart of wanting to make a difference. This is where he idea of kiiboo was born.

Our goal with kiiboo is to create a sustainable donation website. We all want the world to be a better place. However, giving is limited to the amount of money each individual has. In turn, the frequency in which one can give is also limited. We genuinely believe that to create the best donation model, an income-generating system must be implemented. This is how kiiboo is designed to work.

- The Kiiboo Staff

We strive to be a transparent company that takes minimal profits to remain sustainable and growing. By sharing our donation accounting, you can be assured that when we say 100% of donations go to a charity of your choice, that actually 100% of donations go to the charity of your choice. We want you to trust us - this will help us to grow and make our company successful.

- The Kiiboo Staff