About kiiboo

kiiboo (pronounced key-boo) originated from the word 'Give'. kiiboo was created with the goal of providing the convenience of selling items on our members’ behalf while making the world a better place.  We know that our busy lives of working, studying, and taking care of our kids can sometimes prevent us from selling some of our items in a timely manner. It is a very time consuming and a frustrating process to communicate with strangers and go back and forth with them to complete and troubleshoot any problems during a sale. 


Let us take the stress off! We do the selling, listing, shipping, and providing of payment for our members so that you don't have to.

Unlike other sites, we pay you a percentage of the total cost of the sale - which usually turns out to be MUCH higher than our competitors.  Another kicker is that your gain is also the world's gain. By finding the perfect second hand owner of one's used gadgets, we are helping with environment sustainability and also providing help to those who are less fortunate. This not only helps your wallet through the sale and the environment through recycling, but it also helps those needing a helping hand. You can make a difference by donating as low as 1% of your payouts to your charity of choice.  KIIBOO also matches 100% of the first 1% of your donation.


Our Unique Kiiboo Approach

We know that you have many choices.  Let's face it: You know about the giants of e-Commerce and reselling. We know that we have to be different in order to survive.  We strive to be unique in our methods and we think that we were able to find the perfect middle ground to help both our buyers save money and for our sellers to maximize profits while also giving back to the world.  The concept in itself is refreshing, isn't it?

     > A High Payout Method

        - Our goal is to help maximize our customer's profits. We won't give you a small percentage of the resale price. Instead, you get 80% of the whole resale price. Watch your items sell without having to worry about handling customers, finding the perfect photo, and figuring out the market value of your item. 



We know that you are smart.  If not, why else would you be here?  We know you read the reviews and do your homework.  Long gone are the days where bad products can be sold to good people.  We want to continue this trend by being 100% up front in regards to our costs and be totally transparent with our customers.  We strive to be known as an honest company that does what we honestly promise.

     > Transparency

       - We want to be 100% transparent.  Without trust, we don't think a company can survive in this day and age.  We don't want to see any negative reviews on review sites.  Our goal is to make sure you know where the donation money goes and how much of it gets there.  We have a page dedicated solely to our donations and how customers like you are helping to change the world.  

     > Support

      - If during the sale you have any worries, our customer service team is always there to answer your questions. Our team will always assist until you are 100% confident with the sale. Any and all questions can be sent to support@kiiboo.com.


Security & Convenience

You never know what's lurking behind the corner and it is our hope that you don't have to check.  And even if you aren't afraid of what's behind that corner, wouldn't it just be easier to have someone check for you?  Our consignment style marketplace allows you to pretty much send it and forget it.  You send us your package and just forget about it.  We do the legwork for you.  We will inspect the item, provide a video listing if it is used, put it on our marketplace, and e-mail you when it is sold.  Of course, we provide initial estimates for you and also e-mail you when we receive the package.  We send you a payment and we donate on your behalf.  

You don't have to go find Craig on a list and drive all around town meeting strangers in dark alleys.  We think it's convenient.  We think it's safe.  Our hope is that you think so, too.  


Good for the environment, good for the world, good for you.